Welcome to build.prestashop.com!

Brought to you by PrestaShop Core team, build.prestashop.com gives you insights on PrestaShop’s ongoing development. We’re here to share with you what we’re working on, and discuss what creating with PrestaShop means for you, as a developing contributor from the PrestaShop community.

What is it about exactly?

To make it short, this blog is here to keep you updated with PrestaShop latest technical evolutions, by:

  • Communicating on the upcoming code updates
  • Sharing the ongoing projects and developments
  • Telling you about our latest news as a dev team

What is there for you?

We’ve already started with the Core Weekly section: each week you’ll find the highlights of what happened in and around PrestaShop’s Core.

If a new method or feature requires some in-depth explanations, we’ll provide you with detailed how-tos, which will eventually find their way in either the Developer Guide or the Designer Guide.

If you’ve submitted a major pull-request on our GitHub repo and it has been merged into the Core code, you might want to present your PR to the community: what it brings, the choices you’ve made, how it impacts the Core, etc. Here is the place to let people know about it!

We’re an open-source project and we want to keep growing with you: see how you can contribute to build.prestashop.com.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know or if you have some more ideas for this blog, don’t hesitate to comment!

Happy coding!