As you might already know, PrestaShop’s biggest strength is that it has one of the largest open source communities regarding ecommerce in the world. Hand in hand with all its contributors, PrestaShop provides a software that enables everyone, everywhere in the world, to build a successful online store.

Among other things, you can ask questions or help people on the forum, contribute on GitHub, or join a meetup near you. PrestaShop is one company with its global community. And talking about meetups, have you ever heard of the Ambassador Program?

Achievements of the Program

In order to get closer and to maintain a strong relationship with its community, PrestaShop launched the Ambassador Program in 2013. This has been done through a wide variety of community-building activities, such as organizing meetups or webinars. In average each year, more than 150 PrestaShop Meetups are organized on every continent!

And today more than 50 countries are involved with more than 95 voices dedicated locally to our community all around the world.

Thanks to the Program, the community often gathers and has numerous possibilities to share experiences and knowledge about PrestaShop and ecommerce. It is also a good moment to get constructive feedbacks from the community which is part of empowering the PrestaShop software.

Our volunteer Ambassadors drive activities that raise local awareness and educate our community about ecommerce. They are consultants, web designers, developers, merchants, etc.

Exclusive perks and rewarding activities for our Ambassadors

In return, Ambassadors receive exclusive perks including:

  • Online recognition: Not only do you get to wear the title of official PrestaShop Ambassador, you’ll have moderation rights on your local forum and a nifty badge to display. Show off your ecommerce skills - add PrestaShop Ambassador to your resume!

  • Training & tools: Depending on your area of expertise and interests, you’ll have access to our User, Developer or Integrator training session for free. You’ll also be invited to regular Q&A sessions and receive the latest product information.

  • Visibility: You’re a part of our Community and we’re proud of that! We’ll feature your achievements on our website, blog, social networks and at our events.

  • Gifts & materials: We’ll send you an Ambassador kit complete with marketing materials, templates and goodies that will make reaching out to your local Community easy and fun.

  • Privileged relationship with the PrestaShop Team: As a PrestaShop Ambassador, your submissions on the Forge & GitHub will receive priority review. You’ll also have access to the private Ambassador subforum.

We are always looking for motivated people who want to be part of the adventure with us, and, as an Ambassador, gather and strengthen our community.

Ambassadors Program Badge

You can take part in a number of exciting and rewarding activities to develop your ecommerce skills and make an impact on your Community. Here are a few ideas:

Inspire conversation and moderate your local Forum on PrestaShop’s website
Actively participate in discussions about PrestaShop and advocate for us on Social Networks or local websites such as StackOverflow, Quora, etc.
Provide local input on the software and its features
Run local tests on upcoming releases
Participate in PrestaShop’s translations on Crowdin
Contribute to the software’s official documentation
Organize community MeetUps, Webinars or Hangouts
Give talks at schools about PrestaShop
Create videos or written tutorials about using or coding with PrestaShop
Write guest blog posts on local topics for our official blog
Attend events organized by PrestaShop or other local e-commerce events
Get in touch with local influencers

Have other ideas? Let us know!

Further information

Want to be PrestaShop’s voice? Apply now!

You can learn more about the members involved in promoting & growing their local PrestaShop Community right here!

And don’t forget to check out our Ambassadors’ activities across the globe in pictures, the gallery is this way!