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  • Contribute to the UI kit of the 1.7 back office

    Yes, yes, we have a UI kit :)

    PrestaShop is 10 years old this year. 10 years and a software that have experienced 7 major evolutions.

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  • Contribute to this devblog!

    Make your voice heard!

    Ever felt there were topics that the Build devblog should talk about? Best practices to follow? Here’s your chance!

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  • An update on the 1.7 RTL project

    (: tcejorp LTR eht no etadpu nA

    Some time ago we announced the launch of a project to better adapt PrestaShop to right-to-left (RTL) languages. We already have a small community overviewing what is going on (thank you!). To make sure everybody shares the same level of information, here is where we stand so far.

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  • Making PrestaShop RTL-compliant together with you

    A call to the power of the PrestaShop community!

    As an editor of a free software translated in many languages, our wish has always been that merchants from anywhere around the world could be able to sell easily thanks to PrestaShop.

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  • How to contribute to the User Guide and help translate it

    A quick guide to writing PrestaShop Documentation on Confluence

    Some of you contacted us to help translate the PrestaShop User Guide into their language. To make things easier for anyone who wants to help write some user documentation, here is a quick guide on how to use Confluence, on which our user documentation is hosted.

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  • Paying tribute to our community of translators

    Let's thank them for making PrestaShop available worldwide

    Each month we’ve been presenting the top contributors to our translation project on Crowdin, in the “Do you Speak PrestaShop?” reports. It’s nice, interesting and all… but we wanted to do more! The people behind PrestaShop translations deserve a real tribute. When you think about it, translators are the ones who, thanks to their hard work, make it possible for PrestaShop to reach new countries, and for merchants to sell cross-border. It’s HUGE!

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  • New Translator Guide Available Now!

    Translating for PrestaShop has never been so easy ^o^

    Thanks to 2,870 Crowdin contributors, PrestaShop has been translated in over 65 languages, helping merchants to create shops in over 200 countries! Translating PrestaShop allows us to aim at millions of potential users and merchants from all around the world. We’re very proud of the work done and hope to bring e-commerce to a growing number of people, no matter what their country or language is. In order to keep reaching new people, we are today releasing our translator guide, so that anyone can start contributing to the translation project!

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  • How to contribute to PrestaShop

    You don't need to be a coder!

    Hey, welcome! If you landed here, it means that you’re interested in participating, testing, improving or giving your thoughts about PrestaShop.

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